Photo Art and me

Photography, Hul'dra and the Mystery of Life

All pictures on this website are mine, with my copyright.

I love it when the light in the pictures is sending beautiful energy through to us. Perhaps there is a message for you in there, too?

Hul'dra, my dog, is a great friend, she loves to walk in nature, and so do I.

Spirituality and Quantum Physics are both areas I love to dive into. In my new vocation I use the knowledge regarding these roams to facilitate coaching and classes for you to explore the theme Soul, Dreams and Purpose.


Important people and websites

There are a few people I want to mention and give thanks for the knowledge they share with the world. 

The Qi Gong Grandmaster, Chunyi Lin,

Spiritual Master, Belinda Womack;

A pioneer of Epigenetics, Bruce Lipton;

Quantum "everything", Gregg Braden;

AI scientist and author Inga Strümke;

Podcast phenomenon Next Level Soul Podcast, with host Alex Ferrari

Hosting Open Minds at Gaia Tv, Regina Meredith;

My dog, Hul'dra

Energyboost from Nature

Light and Nature

Taking photoes of pure magic