Soul, Dreams & Purpose I


3 months, 10 hours live teaching and coaching classes.

Zoom Teachings

My Program Soul, Dreams & Purpose I, have three Zoom teaching classes, one hour each, one every month of the Program. In these classes, I will present the teachings and the tools provided for each class. 

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Zoom Coaching group and Q & A

Two hours each month we will have coaching regarding how to use the tools, and of course there will be Q & A sessions. It is always a great opportunity to learn from others both from their experiences and to listen to other perspectives on subjects. We will all learn a lot, and have a lot of fun in these classes!

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Zoom Personal Mentoring session

There will be a personal 30 minutes mentoring session for all of you at the beginning of the Program. It is important to be sure that all questions you have regarding the Program are responded to, and it is also nice for me to get to meet each of you students in person before we start the Zoom sessions.

See more about the Program further down this page.

Soul, Dreams & Purpose I

Contents and info

New Classes starts October and February

Introductry price $ 777

This Program is made for the ones of you that are on a journey to discover more about life and what it is all about. "Who am I, and what is my purpose?" "Do I dear to dream the dreams I want to dream" and what is all this talk about soul and meaning?" These are the kind of questions we will ask. The Program is built to be a journey where we all have to dig deep inside, to explore feelings, needs and to understand what it is that really makes us happy. It is ment to be a fun and joyful journey, though it is sometimes painful to admit and release old stuff we don't need anymore. 

The Program lasts three months, and have teaching sessions and coaching sessions.

In three one hour long Zoom sessions, one each month, I will go through the teachings and explain the tools you get along the way. The coaching sessions, two hours each month, are where we use the tools and discuss and help each other to new insight and ask all kinds of questions and wonder about life and all that is happening as we move forward. In my experience, we learn as much from each other as from a teacher, so these sessions are valuable and it is important to partisipate and share your thoughts.

There will be one individual session for each of the students at the beginning of the Program, to be sure all questions are answered and that we all are good to go forward when the teachings starts.

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